Serious Habitual Offender Program (SHOP)

The Calgary Police Service’s Serious Habitual Offender Program (SHOP) was introduced in 1988 with dedicated focus on the intervention of serious young offenders in the City of Calgary and surrounding area, who were not benefiting from existing police youth crime prevention programs.

Many of the youth within the SHOP program are involved with gangs or are at risk of becoming gang members.

This program works with youth between the ages of 12-24 years, who have a history of committing frequent, serious and/or violent criminal acts and who, based on a review of available information, are assessed as subjects who may commit further criminal offences. The program also targets individuals who continue to re-offend while on a judicial court order and/or fails to follow through with community programs.

The objective of SHOP is to effectively coordinate the efforts of the police in consultation with youth justice workers, social service providers, educators and mental health care providers and to provide effective early intervention in the youth’s home and school. This proactive strategy mediates risk factors that are known to predict serious youth crime. This is achieved by partnering with families of these troubled youth to provide community support through linkages to appropriate resources.

The officers in the Serious Habitual Offender Program are often on the front line of enforcement and intervention for gang involved youth. The program is guided by some key principles.

The objective identification of youth at risk;

  • The incorporation of coordinated input from representatives from external partner agencies which, enables coherence in the identification, assessment and designation of the most serious offenders and the definition of re-socialization efforts where possible;
  • The early identification, investigation and intensive supervision of the most serious offenders whose conduct is deemed to place the public at risk of significant harm;
  • The development, of suitable interventions focused on re-integration.

It is important to state that the Serious Habitual Offender Program is not a voluntary program and offenders are selected by a Multi-Disciplinary team who base judgment on identifying  violent and recidivist behaviour through a structured process.

If you would like to speak with a member of the Serious Habitual Offender Program or would like to give information on someone suspected to be a SHOP offender, please call 403-428-8737.