Diversity Resource Team (DRT)

The Calgary Police Service’s Diversity Resource Team (DRT) is a leader in fostering awareness and understanding, both within the Police Service and between the Service and Calgary’s diverse communities.

DRT is the largest unit of its kind of any police Service in Canada and consists of 10 portfolios. Six of the portfolios are divided geographically; Aboriginal, African, Caribbean/Latin Americas, Middle East/European, South Asian and South East Asian. The other 4 portfolios are Sexuality & Gender Diversity, Persons with Disabilities, Hate Crimes and Education Coordinator. Each Portfolio holder strives to understand the issues and concerns of their communities. By understanding their communities, DRT can support individuals away from the gang life style though a diversity lens.

DRT supports and works closely with various CPS units, including their active involvement with CPS youth programs. DRT also have several of their own initiatives to engage members of the community of all ages. Programs such as these are positive examples to help reduce crime.

DRT provides a variety of education and awareness programs within the community. The “You and the Law” presentation is provided to new Canadians in order to help give them a better understanding of Canadian laws and ways of policing. DRT partners with other CPS units to provide information on a wide range of police topics including drugs and gangs.

In partnership with other agencies, faith centres and the citizens of Calgary, DRT is instrumental in preserving the quality of life in our community by maintaining Calgary as a secure place in which to live. DRT has built working relationships with many diversity serving agencies as well as religious and spiritual leaders, many of them can be assist in supporting individuals away from the gang lifestyle.

DRT can help facilitate connections with diverse support networks including diversity serving agencies or religious and spiritual leaders. DRT understands culturally specific issues and will also help in facilitating translations and interpretations as required.

Mentorship Unit:

  • Calgary Police Cadet Corps
  • Cops for Kids
  • Junior Police Academy
  • Power Play Hockey Team
  • SuperKids
  • Calgary Police Auxiliary Cadet Program