Community and Youth Services Section

The Calgary Police Service Community and Youth Services Section (CYSS) is comprised of many programs committed to working with Calgary’s youth and community partners to provide comprehensive strategies that include education, prevention, early intervention, treatment and enforcement. Many of these programs are funded with the generous assistance of the Calgary Police Foundation.

School Resource Officer program (SRO):

The School Resource Officer program (SRO) is a partnership between schools that embeds police officers in an effort to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment.
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Youth at Risk Development Program (YARD):

The Youth at Risk Development Program (YARD) seeks to prevent or stop gang involvement and criminal behavior among youth aged 10 to 17 years.
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Serious Habitual Offender Program (SHOP):

The Serious Habitual Offender Program (SHOP) is an intervention program working with serious young offenders aged 12 – 24 who may be involved with gangs or are at risk of becoming gang members.
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Multi Agency School Support Team (MASST):

The Multi Agency School Support Team (MASST) is a collaborative approach to the early identification and prevention for children in kindergarten to Grade six who are exhibiting at-risk and negative behaviours or who are at increased risk of victimization.
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Diversity Resource Team (DRT):

The Diversity Resource Team (DRT) fosters awareness and understanding, both within the police service and between the Service and Calgary’s diverse communities.
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Start Smart Stay Safe Program (S4):
The Start Smart Stay Safe Program (S4) is a collaborative approach to a proactive, strengths-based model of teaching where police officers work within elementary schools to build positive relationships, create safe communities and prepare children for the challenges of our changing world.
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Crime Prevention:
The Crime Prevention Team is a central source of research, information and program development designed to create a safer, crime-free community.
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Vulnerable Persons Team (VPT):
The Vulnerable Persons Team (VPT) Resource Officers co-ordinate with homelessness and addiction-serving agencies to meet the needs of vulnerable people in our city. The officers are a resource to external agencies as liaisons, education resources and co-ordinators.
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Victim Assistance Unit (VAU):
The Victim Assistance Unit (VAU) promotes and advocates the rights and entitlements of victims of crime and trauma.
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Mentorship Unit:
The Mentorship Unit hosts a series of initiatives that brings police officers and youth together for sporting events, educational activities and other opportunities.