One of the best ways to combat a problem is to try a get ahead of it before it becomes one. The Calgary Police Service is dedicated to crime prevention and reduction. The Service has committed significant resources to working closely with all youth, including those ‘at-risk’ of being drawn into the world of organized crime and promising youth that are already showing signs of pro-social values and community excellence.

The Service, in collaboration with partner agencies in both the public and private sector, has developed a series of initiatives and programs designed to educate, prevent, intervene and develop Calgary youth.

These programs include Start Smart, Stay Safe (S4), Multi Agency School Support Teams (MASST), Youth at Risk Development (YARD), About Face and host of mentorship programs such as cadets. For more information on these and other programs see our ‘Get Help’ section.

Connecting with the Community is key when it comes to fostering prevention – some other related examples would include:

  • The Gang Helpline (403-428-8191) and associated email address found on this site has been established to allow citizens to contact us with tips, questions and concerns. For those concerned about anonymity the Calgary Crime Stoppers program allows one to share information while maintaining complete confidentiality.
  • The Calgary Police Service Diversity Resources Team has working relationships with and an understanding of the various cultural communities and other minority groups present in Calgary. They can provide assistance and service in a number of different languages. They can be reached at 403-428-8152.
  • Community Resource Officers (CROs) work directly with the public and can be contacted in relation to all types of Police related community concerns in your area, including gang activity. Contact your local district office to be put in touch with your CRO.
  • Established in the mid-90s, the Youthlink Calgary Police Interpretive Centre has been engaging and empowering Calgary’s youth to make confident and positive choices surrounding some of the greatest challenges they shall ever face – namely substance abuse, online safety, healthy relationships, bullies and gangs. They impart tools, strategies and resources through experiential learning exhibits at the Centre, interactive and engaging online games and curriculum based lesson plans. For more information visit