Gangs are very much a part of the larger world of organized crime. They are regularly involved in a wide array of criminal activity ranging from theft and fraud to drug trafficking and murder.

As gangs are involved in such a wide variety of crimes, and because they generally operate citywide, the Calgary Police Service has developed initiatives and protocols to ensure investigative resources are deployed efficiently and effectively.

The Calgary Police Service’s Real Time Operations Centre (RTOC) is a fully staffed command hub that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year round. The RTOC oversees a number of operational initiatives, including front-end co-ordination of all incidents that require a co-ordinated police response. From the moment that the Calgary Police Service is made aware that a significant gang-related incident has occurred, the RTOC ensures appropriate resources from throughout the Service are immediately deployed in order to safeguard public safety, apprehend offenders and maintain investigative integrity.

The Calgary Police Service houses a variety of specialized units and teams built to investigate individuals and groups linked to gangs and organized crime. These units and teams are comprised of investigative, intelligence and operational specialists, all trained and experienced in their respective fields.

The Calgary Police Service works externally with partners such as the RCMP, other Municipal Policing agencies, Corrections, Canada Boarder Services, the Criminal Intelligence Service of Canada and with international partners such as Interpol, the FBI and the DEA.

The Calgary Police Service also contributes resources to joint force initiatives. The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU) is an amalgamation of Calgary police officers and members of the RCMP that work together on organized crime and gang-related matters.

All proactive investigative work in the field of organized crime and gangs relies heavily upon assistance from the public. It’s the information that the public shares with the police that allows us to initiate some of our most successful investigations. A community that communicates with its police agency is a safer community by far. If you have information that you believe could be of use, please reach out and help us to keep Calgary a safer place to live.

  • Go through Calgary Crime Stoppers
  • Call the non-emergency line at 403-266-1234
  • Call the Gang Helpline at 403-428-8191
  • Email us via this site
  • Speak to your CRO
  • Visit your district office
  • Speak directly to an officer that you know and trust