Any measured response to organized crime and gangs and the threat they represent to the community cannot be truly effective without understanding and awareness. Both the Police and the community need to be on the same page when recognizing what criminal elements exist in our city, why they are here and what the issues are in relation to their presence.

The Calgary Police Service is committed to raising public awareness. Police officers throughout the Service are always working to inform Calgarians about organized crime and gang related issues in Calgary and explaining what is being done to combat them. This website is one of the many communication strategies that the Service employs.

With the assistance of the Service’s Public Affairs and Media Relations Unit we work diligently with all forms of media to ensure that the public receives timely and accurate information in relation to gang activity, arrests, operations, public safety concerns and requests for public assistance.

We have established a social media presence with tools such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter in an effort to stay current with communication trends to better serve the public’s need.

Throughout the year we provide educational presentations open to the public at a variety of community events in order to further raise awareness and educate in relation to organized crime and gangs operating in Calgary. Personalized presentations are also arranged on an ‘as requested’ basis for various community groups and other professional, public and private sector organizations. For more information or questions on arranging a gang presentation please contact a Community Resource Officer at your local district office.