While the arrest and successful prosecution of gang members is always a goal of the Calgary Police Service, it has also been identified that disruption and suppression initiatives improve public safety and hinders the ability of criminals to make and enjoy the use of illicit money.

Some of the Service’s suppression and disruption strategies include:

  • Gang Suppression Teams: Throughout the 2000s the Service experimented with a number of working models designed to provide high profile, uniformed, and experienced members tasked with suppressing gang related violence wherever it may be found, including bars and restaurants. These Gang Suppression Teams, as they have come to be known, have proven invaluable at improving public safety as well as gathering intelligence and assisting investigative units.
  • Directed Patrols / Monitoring Known Offenders: The Calgary Police Service’s Guns and Gangs Unit works in collaboration with the Real Time Operations Centre, the Gang Suppression Teams as well as Corrections, Probation, Parole and other agencies to ensure that we are aware of any gang members residing in our communities that have curfews or other enforceable conditions. Directed patrols are then established to ensure public safety, court compliance and to gather intelligence.
  • Crime Management Strategy: The Calgary Police Service, through its district and divisional offices, maintains an on-going crime management strategy. This strategy serves a number of policing purposes, which includes the identification gang hotspots and any related problem areas, targets them for saturation patrols and other investigative and enforcement initiatives designed to discourage their presence and disrupt their activities.
  • Working with other Agencies: The Calgary Police Service’s Public Safety Task Force is part of a multi-agency initiative that includes the Calgary Fire Department, By-Law and the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. The Task Force works together to promote public safety by ensuring codes are maintained and adhered to at the numerous licensed premises throughout the city, including those frequented by gang members.