A Life of Violence

Gang life is a violent life. Many gang members themselves, when speaking candidly, will concede that everyday life is about living with a heightened sense of awareness, a paranoia that grinds them down. It means always having to look over your shoulder and wonder if you’re being followed, or worse, if you are about to be attacked.

Rivalry and competition between gangs and other criminal organizations is commonplace. Public acts of violence including assaults, shootings, home invasions and murder are often the result of gang related feuds. These incidents are not indiscriminate. They are not random acts of violence. They are criminally motivated, and designed to target gang related rivals.

As Calgary has seen in the past, gang members will not hesitate to target their victims with deadly consequences, even in busy public areas such as malls and restaurants. It is understandable when friends and family of gang members refuse to spend time with them out of concern for their own personal safety. More than one person has lost their life to a violent end in Calgary, their only crime, associating with gang members.